Trump Tells Supporters ‘Don’t Worry About Voting’ On Election Night


Former President Donald Trump spoke at a campaign rally in Derry, New Hampshire on Monday and at one point told his supporters they didn’t need to go vote.

Trump has long pushed roundly debunked claims that he did not in fact lose the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, but that it was stolen from him. Despite dozens of court cases and multiple GOP-backed audits in states like Georgia and Arizona, Trump continues to obsess over the claim as he is unwilling to admit he lost to Biden.

During the rally on Monday, Trump took that sentiment so far that he claimed to have “plenty of votes” and that his supporters are better off focusing on watching the voters as opposed to actually voting themselves.

Here Trump just figured out that U.S. and “us” are spelled the same.

Trump Bizarrely Declares ‘I Was Never Indicted’ After Being Indicted Four Times

“Mr. President, you said Sidney Powell wasn’t your attorney, are you concerned that you won’t be covered by attorney-client privilege?” a reporter asked Trump.

“No, not at all. We did nothing wrong,” Trump replied to the reporter’s question.

Fumbling somewhat, Trump continued, “We did nothing wrong. This is all Biden, indictments and impeachments and this is all about Biden, he can’t do anything right. The only thing they know how to do is cheat in elections and election fraud. This is all by himself.”

“All of these indictments that you see. I was never indicted. Practically never heard the word. It wasn’t a word that registered,” Trump concluded.


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