Jill Stein Enters the 2024 Presidential Race

Standing no chance of ever becoming the next US president, Jill Stein, another one of Putin’s Puppet, enters the race just to screw up stuff.

Between the lines: Democrats have accused Stein, who also launched a presidential bid in 2016, of costing the party key battleground states and contributing to Hillary Clinton’s loss against former President Trump.

  • She has rejected the “spoiler” label.
  • Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson faced similar criticism.

Elites, DRINK!

She joins RFK Jr. and Cornel West and the centrist No Labels organization may be inching closer to putting forward a third-party candidate.

However, this video Dr. Stein released will appeal to many on the left. She checked all the boxes on what many of us believe regarding the Israeli government/IDF.

But note to people who do not know how things work and the far left is as guilty of it as MAGAts, without 60 votes in the Senate, 60 SOLID votes, and a majority in the House, no one’s agenda will go anywhere.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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