Hunter Biden Files Motion To Subpoena Donald Trump

Hunter Biden has officially filed a motion to subpoena Donald Trump, Bill Barr, Richard Donoghue, and Jeffrey Rosen. Barr, Donoghue, and Rosen are former Trump Department of Justice officials. 

The motion is stunning. It argues that Biden should be permitted to issue subpoenas to Trump and his former officials as the investigation into Hunter Biden began during the Trump Administration, where the Department of Justice opened up a channel of communication, through the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Pittsburgh, whereby Rudy Giuliani was permitted to provide evidence against Hunter Biden to the Department of Justice. At the time, Giuliani was serving as Trump’s personal attorney, and was engaging in a smear campaign against President Joe Biden and his son. 

Biden’s attorneys further argue that a subpoena is necessary to parse through the pressure campaign led by Donald Trump to the DOJ to pursue criminal charges against Hunter Biden. Although motions like this one are rarely granted in criminal actions, if there was a case to grant one, it would be this one. The DOJ will now have an opportunity to respond at which point oral argument will likely be scheduled where the judge may issue her ruling.  Read the full motion below: 


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