Hunter Biden to Testify Publicly Before the Clown House Oversight Committee

After years of GQP nonsense regarding President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, Hunter has agreed to testify publicly before the 🤡 Clown House Oversight Committee 🤡 on Dec. 13. The Committee subpoenaed Hunter in November to testify and summoned him “to appear for a closed-door transcribed interview as part of an escalation of Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into the president.” However, no one with two working brain cells wants to take part in the GQP’s stupid games, have their words twisted or taken out of context, and be the subject of every Fox ‘News’ hosts’ nightly bullshit.

Hunter Biden’s request for a public hearing has Chairman Comer’s undies in a bunch:

“Your Committee has been working for almost a year—without success—to tie our client’s business activities to his father. You state that one of your purposes is to review how a President’s family’s business activities raise ethics and disclosure concerns to inform the basis for a legislative solution,” Lowell wrote. “But all your focus has been on this President’s family while turning a blind eye toward former President Trump and his family’s businesses, some of which the family maintained while serving in office—an area ripe to inform your purported legislative pursuits.”

Lowell noted that the president’s son is a private citizen who never served in any public office nor worked in any family business, unlike members of the Trump family, before accusing Republicans of having “manipulated” Hunter Biden’s “legitimate business dealings” and his battles with substance abuse addiction “into a politically motivated basis for hearings to accuse his father of some wrongdoing.”

Lowell said Hunter Biden’s legal team had offered to meet or speak with the committee to understand the basis of its inquiry and provide relevant information but had never responded to their offer. Instead, Lowell said, Republicans issued subpoenas to Hunter Biden and other Biden family members and their associates “in what appears to be a Hail Mary pass with your team behind in the score and time running out.”


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