Free Chat Friday, Week 48

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and welcome to our Friday Free Chat — it’s the first of December and the weather is far from fine, that is if we’re referring to weather in symbolic terms. . . .

Symbolic terms — by that I mean the idea of weather signifying just how things are going in the world, as in “it’s heating up in key war zones. “ or “it will be a cold day in Hell before I give up my guns . . . “ or “the weather gauge is against us (see Master and Commander, meaning we’re in a lousy position to fight the enemy :-)” or “we’re about to see the Perfect Storm of democracy’s demise” …..

Interesting thing about weather, though, is that it is becoming increasingly predictable. Thank you Science. . . If we can predict, we can prepare, plan, strategize, do something different this time.

Like literal weather, the symbolic quakes, volcanoes and storms happening now culturally, politically, spiritually, neurologically, technologically and every other kind of logically have happened before in some iteration — humans are the common denominator when it comes to sinking or swimming on planet earth.

Surely then we can stop trying to dam up the same river, stop fighting the same fight over and over again. That seems to be what’s been in our forecast — fight the same wars again, become crippled by fascism AGAIN, endure increases in starvation, lack and contagion AGAIN, watch the experiment which was the US fail before it ever really began. . . .

The View from the Right Wing Uglies :


Lousy weather up ahead, but we know that, and if we know that we can increase our odds of altering the outcome. What was that definition of insanity again? Maybe we humans should try sanity for a change……

We start by talking about it, any and all, macro and micro. . . This is Free Chat — let’s chat freely…. the rules here are painless and clear, civility whether we agree or disagree — (now if we could teach the rabid right this very simple lesson. . . .)

Meanwhile, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods, real weather, symbolic weather or both?

Who should be the next senator from California?