Joe Manchin Jokes About Being a Younger Presidential Candidate

Speaking Saturday night during the Gridiron Club’s winter dinner, Joe Manchin joked about being a presidential candidate younger than Biden or Trump.

Manchin is 76.

“I truly believe the American people are ready to pass the torch to a new generation, somebody younger. I’d say maybe someone close to 76 that doesn’t look a day over 70.”

The annual dinner in Washington of the Gridiron Club and Foundation features songs and speeches from Democrats, Republicans and journalists that are expected to “singe” but “not burn” the capital’s political elite.

“I’ve heard it all. You all heard it all,” Manchin said. “Most of you probably told me. They say that my running would throw the election to Trump. Others say my running might help Biden. Hell, I’m trying to find out how it would help me.”

Supporters of Manchin and another retiring senator, Mitt Romney of Utah, have launched an effort to encourage the pair to seek a No Labels’ nomination.

Nancy Mace offered the Republican response at the dinner.

Nancy Mace, the scarlet-lettered MAGAt from South Carolina has reportedly called off an 18-month engagement with her fiancé, Patrick Bryant. The two have become embattled over two properties they bought together.

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