Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson Resigning, Shrinking GOP House Even Further

Ohio MAGA Rep. Bill Johnson submitted his resignation to Speaker Mike Johnson on Tuesday, announcing he will be retiring from Congress to take a gig as President…. of Youngstown State University.

The loss of another GOP body in the U.S. House leaves Republicans with three vacancies and an incredibly slim two-vote margin on party-line votes. The House will be left with 219 Republicans and 213 Democrats on January 21, 2024.

  • Johnson would be replacing YSU’s current president Jim Tressel, better known as a football coach.
  • Johnson announced earlier his plans to overhaul the institution to get rid of its alleged liberal biases. According to Johnson, “We want students to be educated, not indoctrinated.”
  • Many YSU faculty, students, alumni, and donors objected to both his political views and his lack of experience in the education field.
  • Johnson fully endorsed the 2020 Big Lie, voted against certifying the election results in some states, and is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage.

According to Brent Larkin of Cleveland.com, hurting higher education was precisely the plan of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the YSU Board of Trustees by supporting the hire of Johnson, who has never spent a day working in education, at any level.

Actor Ed O’Neill, a YSU graduate who starred in the hit Hollywood sitcoms “Married with Children” and “Modern Family,” said he is returning his YSU degree, asking that his name be removed from anything related to the university and ending all donations.

“I’m ashamed of them,” O’Neill said on a televised podcast. I feel betrayed …. Can you imagine being a gay member of the university, possibly married, and this is the president of the university? That’s an insult.”

Youngstown State’s enrollment is more than 11,000 undergraduates. The job offers a $410,000 salary, free housing and a complementary car.

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