Free Chat Friday, Week 1

So far, week 1, 2024 has seen war in Gaza, the West Bank. Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and others, a school shooting in Iowa, one presidential candidate who thinks the Civil War was a little tiff among friends, another who’s a felon with terrible hair and another who is scared of voters who ask questions. . . .

Also so far in one week of the New Year we had earthquakes in Japan, giant waves in Cali and so much snow in the Arctic, even they talked ad nauseam about the weather.

And in this first strange week of 2024, we’ve found ourselves every place and no place, in the beginning, middle and end of a time loop — January 6 is past and coming up again, a Trump campaign is past but never over as it’s happening again. A tattered and torn Constitution is our affliction today, just as it was during the last administration.

Totalitarianism, evangelicalism, intolerance, classism and bigotry are last term, last year and last week along with being now and tomorrow, next week and next term.

And Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but we’re still dealing with the man today and will be tomorrow. We’ve all had COVID or Flu or RSV or “allergies” in the past year, we have them now and we see new strains coming out in the future.

Remember the line from True Detective? “Time is a flat circle.” (Gee, it makes sense NOW….)

So who said the “time loop continuum” was science fiction? It looks like this first week of 2024 is less fiction and more science. And on this Friday, Jan.5, 2024, we’ll do what we do, freely chat about topics of interest, and it will be the same and different in its content and character, constant and changed at the same time.

Is it any wonder we keep it all in perspective when look UP to check out the universe and take in the big picture? Welcome, January of 2024.