Lauren Boebert’s Ex Called The Cops After Physical Fight in Public on Saturday Night

Post Independent/Kelley Cox

In the early evening on Saturday, the aide said, it was already getting physical. Lauren Boebert had driven to her ex-husband’s house to pick up one of her sons for dinner at her mother’s house. Jayson Boebert was home, the aide said, and as Lauren Boebert and her son were leaving for the car, he tried to move in close to hug her; she put her hand on his chest to keep him back, the aide said.

When Jayson Boebert called later that evening to apologize, he asked if they could meet in person. Lauren Boebert agreed; however, the aide said, she wanted to go to a public place, anticipating that—especially given the alleged behavior earlier that day—he might be confrontational. The congresswoman “didn’t want it to be he said/she said” situation, the aide said. They chose to meet at Miner’s Claim, a restaurant in Boebert’s small hometown of Silt. (Miner’s Claim is, apparently, the only game left in town, now that the Boeberts have closed their old restaurant, Shooter’s.)

Inside, at the table, Jayson Boebert apparently started “being disrespectful,” “being an asshole,” and getting “lewd,” the aide relayed. The alleged behavior revolted Lauren Boebert, but that seemed to make her ex more aggressive, the aide said. There was then apparently a physical altercation of indeterminate severity.

Jayson Boebert “made a motion” towards his ex-wife, “to grab her.” It was “an aggressive move, not romantic,” the aide relayed.

As Lauren Boebert described it, the aide said, she tried again to keep him back and in the process “put her hand in his face, put her hand on his nose.” (The Muckrackers’ post describes a violent confrontation, with the congresswoman landing two punches on her ex’s nose. The aide said that Boebert maintains she didn’t punch him.)

Jayson Boebert, apparently outraged, called the police, claiming that he was “a victim of domestic violence,” the Boebert aide said. Lauren Boebert then called the non-emergency number and told the police there was no domestic violence, and that she’d be happy to speak with an officer at the restaurant.

The cops came, no one was arrested, it’s an “active investigation” the Silt police confirmed.


After, Jayson messaged a friend.

Then she took all his tights away.

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