Madison Cawthorn Claims FBI Used Hookers to Compromise Reps to Vote for New HQ

Former NC Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who was primaried and ousted by his fellow Republicans in 2022 after he revealed that some of his colleagues participated in cocaine-feuled sex orgies, is out with a new interview today where he provided details and took things to another level. On right-winger Benny Johnson’s show, Cawthorn said it is very common for various groups to use attractive undercover sex workers to set up Members of Congress and get them in compromising positions. Cawthorn said, “the most common thing in Washington that is used to blackmail us within our own government is honeypots.”  

“You just saw the FBI got a building bigger than the Pentagon build for them. Then all of the sudden, think about it, ten days before the vote was supposed to happen and it was likely not going to pass … a story got leaked. Things don’t get leaked from the FBI. A story leaked that the FBI had been investigating a brothel in Virginia, a very high class brothel, $25,000 a night to get in, all the elites that would go there, and said several Members of Congress are on the list. But if you notice, they didn’t release the names of those Members of Congress … They’re basically saying, go against us and don’t give us this building and it’s gonna be your name on that list.”

Cawthorn went on to claim that he was targeted “tons” of times by these honeypots: “I accept that I’m a decent looking guy – I got blue eyes and a good jawline. But I also accept the fact that I’m in a freaking wheelchair. And I’m like, I don’t know why three 10s are like, ‘We should all go back together.'” Cawthorn says that he didn’t fall for it, and claimed that he told the women, “As fun as that sounds, I’m a man of God so I got to get out of here.”


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