Police Seek Man After Gun Goes Off, Wounding Customer at Albuquerque Restaurant

Suspect is Wearing a Black Hoodie With the Words “Assholes Live Forever” 

DATELINE: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The shooting happened inside the restaurant at Duran’s Central Pharmacy on Central Avenue on Sunday afternoon. According to the police report, a man was eating at a table with a friend when he was hit by a bullet. He was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and now has to get surgery to remove bullet fragments from his head, the victim’s friend, Johnnyray Chavez, told KRQE News 13.

The shooter may be seen to the right with a female. The empty chair is where the victim was seated and fell out of.

Police provided KRQE News 13 with a copy of the security camera footage from inside the restaurant, which reportedly showed a man attempting to put his phone in his pocket when the gun fired, according to the police report. The victim was sitting at a table with Chavez right behind the suspect when the shot was fired, the video showed. It is unclear if the bullet hit the victim in the head directly or grazed the victim.

While many customers began running for the door, the suspect reportedly picked something off the floor and put it in his pocket before he walked out the front door of Duran’s. The suspect was described by a witness as a six-foot-tall, heavy-set man who was wearing a black hoodie with the words “assholes live forever” printed on the back and front of the sweatshirt. Police released a photo of the suspect on Monday, which can be seen above.

A woman wearing a grey top was seen sitting with the suspect at Duran’s, the report stated. She briefly went over to check on the victim before leaving. According to the police report, she left with the suspect in a truck that appeared to be a black Chevy Silverado pickup truck with a black New Mexico chile license plate.


✱ The wounded man has been released from the hospital.

✱ “No guns allowed” signs were posted throughout the restaurant

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