Vivek Ramaswamy Thrown Under the Trump Bus

Vivek Ramaswamy threw himself under the Trump bus on Saturday with what the Trump camp is calling “disingenuous campaign tactics,” and declaring Ramaswamy “not MAGA.”

It started with Vivek posting to “X” a photo of himself posing with supporters donning “Save Trump, vote Vivek” T-shirts.

Trump was bigly mad, with advisers saying Trump felt Ramaswamy was falsely claiming to be a Trump supporter.

And then this video surfaced, showing Vivek telling a Trumper a whopper about the Deep State working defeat Trump, and that a vote for him would save Trump.

This is good.

The video might have been the last straw.

“He’s been making slights at the former president and we have noticed,” said another adviser. “If you poke the bear, the bear will bite back.”

Also, Trumpers in Iowa are a bit worried about Vivek’s skin color and question his religion.

At a campaign meet-and-greet last Thursday, Mrs. Ramaswamy asked a supporter “what do people say” about why they were not supporting her husband.

“Well, the only one I have and I couldn’t even remember who said it to me, but they mentioned his dark skin and they think he’s Muslim," she was told.  "It’s just that they can’t get beyond when you look at someone and, you know … I’m working on them.”

The Ramaswamys are Hindu.

Mrs. Ramaswamy has previously explained, “Our religion teaches us that all of us have been put here by God for a purpose and everyone has been given some gifts by God and it’s our job to use those gifts to the best of our ability while we are here on this Earth.”