Another Trump Lawyer Bites the Cheeto Dust

Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina will no longer represent Defendant Trump in his criminal trial in Manhattan, according to a notice sent to the court on Monday, nor will he represent Trump in an appeal of the verdict in the lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll, in which Donald Trump was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation and ordered to pay $5 million.

Tacopina’s resignation comes on the eve of Trump’s next E. Jean Carroll defamation trial, although Tacopina was not representing TFG in the case. He was representing Trump in his appeal of last year’s verdict, in which Carroll was awarded $5 million for sexual abuse.

Tacopina is known for representing high-profile clients, but it is unclear why Tacopina withdrew as Trump’s attorney. It is possible he wants off the Trump train before he bears the brunt of his client’s bad behavior. 

Tacopina frequently appeared frustrated by his client’s behavior in and out of the courtroom, once admitting to federal judge Lewis Kaplan that his client was all bluster. “I know you understand what I am dealing with.” 

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