Alex Jones Says Trump Has Golfer’s Rash, Not Syphilis

Right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has another conspiracy theory, one that disputes the claims that the wounds shown on Trump’s right hand were caused by secondary syphilis, as suggested by Democrat James Carville.

Jones claims that Trump has a condition known as “golfer’s rash,” also known as Disney rash and EIV — exercise induced vasculitis, not an STD.

Jones says he is simply “defending reality.”

“It’s what I grew up witnessing when I played golf … I would routinely get it. You can see, it’s perfect golfer’s rash … The man plays up to two complete, 18-hole rounds a day. He’s a top scratch golfer, almost professional. This isn’t just about even defending Trump. It’s about defending reality and I’m sick of it. These people are so desperate.”

According to the website Healthline, “golfer’s rash” can result from hot weather, sunlight exposure, and sudden, prolonged periods of walking or exercising outdoors.

Healthline also states that the condition isn’t even a rash: EIV is a condition where small blood vessels in the legs are inflamed. Swelling and discoloration can happen on one or both ankles and legs. It often happens on the calves or shins, but it may also affect the thighs.

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