Turtle Caves to “The Nominee” on Ukraine/Border Deal

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell told fellow Republicans that he doesn’t want to undermine the likely GOP nominee’s political talking point by giving President Biden a winning bipartisan deal on immigration reform at the border.

While McConnell has been advocating for more aid for Ukraine, the reporting suggests that Congress is likely to punt on the deal that linked Ukraine aid to border legislation to relieve the chaos at southern border.

During yesterday’s closed door meeting, McConnell read a 2018 quote from Trump that cast doubt on Democrats ever voting for border security, a message to his GOP colleagues that this may be the best opportunity Republicans MAGAts have to get “border security” in decades.

Now they are in a “quandary.”

Watch the wet blanket Republican Senators defend the Johnson MAGA brigade’s blockade of the deal.

Also, Joe Scarborough breaks down the Republican strategy.

CNN, The Hill