Christian MAGAt Trucker Convoy Heading to Border

Organized by Election Deniers, QAnon and Anti-Vaxxers

Amid an ongoing right-wing media panic about a supposed “invasion” of migrants coming across the southern border, a group of right-wing extremists — including members with ties to QAnon, the election denial movement, and anti-vaccine propagandists — have organized a convoy and series of rallies along the southern border. The “Take Our Border Back Southern Border Convoy” has been amplified and celebrated by right-wing media and political figures as posts promoting it have spread across social media.


A trucker convoy of “patriots” is heading to the U.S. border with Mexico next week, as the standoff between Texas and the federal government intensifies. The organizers of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy have called themselves “God’s army” and say they’re on a mission to stand up against the “globalists” who they claim are conspiring to keep U.S. borders open and destroy the country. 

A group of six “patriot”-world influencers, including Kim Yeater, who runs a self-empowerment self-help group and an anti-voter fraud group, started organizing the convoy around a month ago. “God’s army is rising up,” she said on the planning call. “We all have been chosen for this time.”  The convoy was originally intended to send a message to the Biden Administration: “Secure Our Borders.” Its website calls on “all active & retired law enforcement and military, veterans, mama bears, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truckers, bikers, media and LAW ABIDING, freedom-loving Americans,” to join the cause. 

Co-organizer, Mark Anthony, told another right-wing show: “The Spirit of God, we all feel it. It’s coming. And it’s just the most amazing thing that God could put it on some hearts to have this assembly.” He continued, “He is here, He is present, and this is all about Him.” – THE DAILY BEAST

In a Friday morning appearance on Fox Business, GOP Congressman from Texas Rep. (R) Keith Self, who has promoted the convoy, suggested that as many as 700,000 vehicles could participate and echoed organizers, saying it is intended to be a peaceful demonstration. 


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