Liveblog - Weekend Wrap Up: January 28, 2024

Today’s blog will consist of both news and a free chat of sorts. As usual, post the headlines we may have missed and feel free to chit and chat and enjoy one another’s company! Happy Playoffs! Go Detroit and go Ravens! No! Not a 9er fan-

Comic Relief:

***Not that funny but SNL featured our friend JoJo.

The 🤡 Clown House 🤡:

2024 Election:

Adolf Benito Drumpf and His Mounting Legal Woes:

Craven Assholes:

Crave Assholes Need Attention:

Fact Check Uncle Tim:

COVID-19 Secured the Border, Dumbass, and There is NO Wall–Repairs, Dumbass, Repairs:

From the MarKODA Files:

Broken Clock Alert:

World News:

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