Yes, It’s One of Those Two Sure Things: Tax Time Starts Today

Filing for free is available on

CBS reports “The IRS announced that it expects more than 128 million individual tax returns to be filed by the deadline, so they’re trying to help and have made some changes this year. They say they’ve increased help on their toll-free phone line and expanded its ‘Customer Call-Back’ feature to reduce wait times. The most widely-used tool, called ‘Where’s My Refund?’ is also improved so you can check on when to expect getting money back.”

What to Know:

  • If your income was $79,000 or less this year, select tax software companies will file your return for free.
  • People who miss the tax filing deadline will likely face a hefty penalty, so make sure you’ve got April 15 on your calendar now and start working on your tax filing well ahead of time.
  • When it comes to the speed of your refund, the IRS typically issues them within 21 days of accepting your return.

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