Trump is Countering Taylor Swift with Major Fundraiser Starring Kid Rock

When right-wing provocateur Jack Posobiec took the stage at Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA alternate RNC event a couple of days ago, he addressed the Taylor Swift effect on the upcoming 2024 presidential election, airing some of his conspiracies. But he gave the deranged faithful some hope on the horizon – that MAGA had celebrities of their own that they were prepared to roll out to counter Swift’s influence and popularity. He cited Kid Rock, washed up has-been Ted Nugent (who avoided going to Vietnam by spreading feces all over himself before the draft physical), and ancient actor Jon Voight, who hasn’t posted one of his creepy, messianic Trump worshipping videos in three months.

But wait, there’s more, they have John Daly too.

Most people on social media got a great laugh over the idea that Kid, Nugent and Voight could come even remotely close to the influence of Swift on an election since they only appeal to a tiny segment of the population that is already very much in the MAGA camp. But Donald Trump apparently didn’t think it was a joke.

Trump just announced that he is holding a major fundraiser for his campaign in Nashville, TN on February 22, and the headliner is none other than, you guessed it, Kid Rock himself. The advertisement lists several Tennessee elected officials planning to attend as well, including Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Haggerty, and most of the congressional delegation. Getting a chance to see Marsha Blackburn dancing to ‘American Badass’ might alone be worth the price of admission, until you see those prices.

For $1000, you get in the door. For an additional $22,000, you can get a photo with Derp Leader.


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