Jack Smith Files Rebuttal to False Assertions Trump Alleges in Classified Documents Case

The 68-page document began with what Smith’s team described as an effort to correct false assertions the former president had made about the nature of the case against him.

Special counsel Jack Smith used a routine legal filing Friday to offer a forceful rebuttal against Donald Trump and misleading accusations, his false assertions about how he’s been treated in the massive classified documents case against him. Trump’s team has stated federal agencies, including the FBI, the archives, the DoJ and the Biden administration have targeted Trump. The have requested for additional Discovery, discovery which the Smith states is redundant and gives a misleading picture of the prosecution’s motives.

Politico reports Smith filed the brief with U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, Trump appointee. In the case accusations are made that his criminal prosecution for allegedly hoarding classified documents have been infected by politics and legal impropriety.

CNN reports “The prosecutors say Trump’s legal team has attempted to distort the events in his favor – including by claiming he had a security clearance that extended past his presidency. He is seeking to convince a federal judge in Florida to force the Justice Department to give him more documents as evidence in the case from several sensitive parts of the federal government, including the Biden White House, the Department of Energy and the US intelligence community.”

Trump and his Groupies are not amused….