Mass Shooting during Kansas City Chief’s Parade in Kansas City

2:40 p.m. Update: Minutes after Kansas City Chiefs players vowed to go for a third-straight Super Bowl title, shots were fired and multiple people near the parade route were carried away on stretchers. Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Hopkins said eight to 10 people were injured Wednesday but declined further comment, saying only that additional information will be released soon. Police said in a news release that two people were detained. Fans were urged to exit the area as quickly as possible. Officers could be seen rushing toward Union Station, but later announced that they were releasing everyone from outside.

2:35 p.m. Update: As chaos erupted in Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday afternoon at Union Station several families were separated. Child reunification stations are set up at 2301 Main and inside the main entrance of Union Station. 

“We still have several needing reunification,” said police. “Contact the officer nearest you for reunification information.”