Free Chat Friday, Week 7

Hiya News Viewers, welcome to our weekly Friday Free Chat. . . . . You know, it’s not just any day, it’s Friday, and it’s not just any month, it’s Black History Month, and it’s not just any post-holiday, it’s Valentine’s Day Adjacent <3.

Now for our Free Chat Friday math problem: what’s the sum of Friday + Black History Month + Valentines Day? Yeah, you’re right. It’s Fani Willis. . . .

It’s Fani Willis who is living her history now as an African American DA from the Deep South, and she gets a late Valentine from me and mine because she walked into court yesterday, told her truth, did not spin, manipulate, con or lie.

I mention her now because tomorrow, next month, next year, 10 years from now, the story of Fani Willis will change. Her directness will be called defensive, her calling out lies on the stand will be labeled “angry black woman” or cold; her explanation about her finances will become lost to the suspicious whispers of graft, of manipulation, of using her wiles to get free gifts from men. We’ve read that textbook….The Whitewash.

But we saw what we saw yesterday in the court room, and after years of Trump torture, we know a bullshit play when we see it. A Black woman, who has had to earn against odds what she now has, dares to call to account a White man with a life he did nothing to earn and power he’s squandered at the expense of so many. He made his play — “get rid of that woman — but she chose to go to court instead.

This is Friday’s Free Chat at News Views, all topics all the time, within reason, and if anyone finds a Fani Willis political cartoon worth sharing, post it please! I couldn’t find one. The rules here are the rules we rational adults follow — the NV Community has the civil discussion thing down- it’s great to be here– parsing the truth we see in the news before it’s eroded into something else, as we’ll see with the Fani story. Knowing what we know, what are your thoughts? Whether universal, global, national, local–what’s on your mind?