“Winning!” SCOTUS Declines Appeal From GQP House Members on Mask Mandates; Declined to Undue Sanction on Kraken ‘Lawyers’

Back in 2021, the worst of the worst GQP House members saw their pay docked, not for being useless and derelict in duty, but for their refusal to wear a mask on the floor of the House of Representatives during the COVID pandemic. Today, SCOTUS rejected their appeal and let a lower court ruling that had said Speaker Pelosi could not be sued because courts don’t have jurisdiction over Congress’ internal rules.

Lawyers for the current House speaker, Republican Mike Johnson of Louisiana, agreed with that decision. Despite House GOP leaders ‘opposition to the mask rule, they told the Supreme Court, “this case is not about the wisdom of the rule or whether it was based on sound science.”

Reps. Tom Massie, Ralph Norman and Marjorie Taylor Greene originally brought for the suit.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to undo sanctions against several lawyers allied with former President Trump for filing a meritless lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 presidential election results. 

Lawyers Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and others brought the lawsuit against Michigan state officials and Detroit in November 2020, one of dozens of suits filed in an attempt to prove election results were illegitimate in states where Trump had lost. The efforts failed across the board and no evidence of widespread fraud was uncovered.

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