Michigan Primary is a Mixed Bag

Michigan Democrats will be voting on Tuesday for 117 delegates, straight up, no chaser.

But the Michigan GOP will literally be fighting over 55 delegates, 16 of them in today’s primary vote, and the other 39 at a state party convention (or conventions?) on Saturday.

Michigan’s state Democratic-controlled legislature voted early last year to move the date of Michigan’s presidential primary from March to February.  Republicans cried about it because moving the date into February would cost them delegates due to RNC rules.  Whitmer and Democrats didn't think twice about it.

While President Biden faces Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson on the ballot, the true opposition comes from critics of Biden’s handling of the Israel/Hamas war in the Arab American communities who are organizing to vote “uncommitted” in protest.

Enter the Michigan GOP Clown Car for the entertainment segment of the primary.

The Michigan GOP has been a dumpster fire of division and dispute in leadership. Two different people — Kristina Karamo and former Rep. Pete Hoekstra — claim to be chairing the state party. And they both are planning conventions. The RNC claims Karamo was properly removed from her position, but a final decision is awaiting in a court. Oops, incoming:

Will Krazy Kristina honor the injunction? She’s an election denier at heart.

Nikki Haley is getting some help from a left-leaning group that is urging suburban Democratic voters he lost in 2020 to cross over and vote against him in the GOP primary. 

“The way to keep Haley in this race and damaging Trump is to vote for her and vote against Trump,” one of those activists said, suggesting a 35% showing in the Michigan primary would be “hugely successful for her.”

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