Join us Live: James Crumbley Opening Statements Begin

A jury of 15 has been seated in the involuntary manslaughter trial of James Crumbley, dad of Oxford school shooter Ethan Crumbley, and opening arguments begin at 9:00amET.

James Crumbley’s wife Jennifer Crumbley was convicted last month by a jury on four counts of involuntary manslaughter, for the deaths of four students in the shooting. Her sentencing is scheduled for April 9.

The Oakland County judge is the same, the defense attorney is not.

The jury is comprised of an all-white, nine woman and six man panel, including three alternate jurors. Six of them have guns in their homes.

  1. Single, 29yo male, an IT professional who lives with mom and stepdad. He doesn’t feel the need to have a gun.
  2. Single, 37yo male, a graphic designer who owns long guns for hunting, who doesn’t keep his guns in a safe. He says gun storage is an issue that could be different for different people.
  3. A 49yo male nurse practioner. He doesn’t have guns, but he has a daughter with depression. He says owning guns is a constitutional right, and doesn’t think a safe is always needed although with his children in the home, he would keep guns in a safe if he owned them.
  4. A licensed stay-at-home foster mother whose husband is a pastor,
  5. A woman who works in a dental office with two young children. Husband once owned a gun before.
  6. A mother of two with one on the way, who has no experience with guns.
  7. A retired, widowed mother of three adult children. Was a personal trainer with her own gym, has guns in her house. She closed her business to care for a depressed son at home who showed signs of self-harm. After seeing a therapist and taking meds, the son decided to stop the medication and get through the depression on his own. Her nephew is a Border Patrol officer.
  8. A 64yo male who grew up with guns.
  9. A married father of two school-age sons. He’s a full-time data analyst and has guns, a Beretta 9mm and a rifle, which are locked in a safe. He expects people to be responsible with guns, and said they should be kept in a safe spot, but not necessarily a safe.
  10.  A married former elementary teacher and now part-time music teacher in parochial schools who says she is unbiased.
  11. A married white female with two daughters in their 20s. She lives in a home with several guns. She owns a .38 special, and her husband has multiple guns. She said she has been to the shooting range a few times, and that all the family’s guns are locked in a safe.
  12. A grandfather who grew up in the Upper Peninsula. “You didn’t want to be a buck-less Yooper,” he said. He said he is not a gun owner, adding he wouldn’t mind owning a gun, but is wife is not comfortable with it.
  13. A retired, single female nurse who has no children. Her nephew once lived with her and asked whether he could get a gun, but she told him no.
  14. A married woman with grown children, her antique guns are locked with gun locks; she stores them unloaded and doesn’t keep ammunition. 
  15. A woman who works in human resources, is married and has two grown children. She said her husband has guns in their home. 

Detroit Free Press

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