Some Chiefs Fans Who Attended Bitter Cold Playoff Game Now Require Amputations

-4 degree

Some Kansas City Chiefs fans have been told to schedule amputations after they suffered frostbite at the Jan. 13 playoff game between the Chiefs and the visiting Miami Dolphins.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins January showdown was the fourth coldest game in NFL history. The temperature was -4 at kickoff and reached -27° with wind chill. Roughly 2 months later, some fans are facing amputations as a result of frostbite according to Dr. Megan Garcia, of Grossman Burn Center Medial Center. 

The extreme cold snap in the area generated at least 11 cases of frostbite, and one victim died, according to the Kansas City Star. “The patients who had their frostbite injuries along with the Chiefs game, they are just getting to the point now we are starting to discuss their amputations that might be necessary,” Garcia told Fox4.

She said the other 30% will still be dealing with a “lifelong” problem. “They’ll have sensitivity and pain for the rest of their lives and always will be more susceptible to frostbite in the future,” she added. “So we are also educating them to make sure they stay warm for the years and months to come.”


The 3 colder NFL games:

Seahawks at Vikings, 2016: -6 degrees (wind chill -25).

Chargers at Bengals, 1982: -9 degrees (wind chill -59).

And the granddaddy of them all, the 1967 NFL Championship Game played on December 31, The Ice Bowl. By the end of the game, that temperature had dropped to -18°. The following month in January, the Packers beat the Raiders in Super Bowl ll at Miami. The temperature was 60°.

Cowboys at Packers, 1967: -13 degrees (wind chill -48).

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