GOP Challenger Ridicules 17 year-old Barron Trump  During YouTube Show

Conservative YouTuber Brandon Herrera has already made it to a run-off primary against Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) by painting the congressman as insufficiently far-right. But it turns out Herrera may have a problem on his right when it comes to the most important metric of conservatism among Republicans today: support for Donald Trump. According to footage of Herrera’s Feb. 10 podcast, the GOP challenger can be seen saying he doesn’t believe Trump can win the general election and, more controversially, Herrera joins in with his co-hosts as they ridicule Barron Trump, the former president’s 17-year-old son who’s been off-limits for most politicians.

One of the co-hosts refers to Barron as being a “long ventriloquist-like dummy,” looking like “slenderman” and being the new “cryptid”—a creature, like Bigfoot, that only questionably exists. Herrara jumps in and says Barron Trump is “like nine feet tall” and that he is “starting to become a meme” and makes a mocking voice imitating Barron. “Daddy is coming, Daddy is angry,” Herrera says in an imitating voice.

“I just don’t know if he can carry the actual election. If I had to predict, I think Trump will win the primary by a landslide and lose the general. Eight more years of winter, or four more years of winter rather.”


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