President Biden Effigy Kicked and Hit at Kansas GOP Event

Ted Nugent the Headliner, Nuff Said

Video footage posted to social media showed MAGAts hitting and kicking an effigy of the President at a Johnson County Republican Party fundraiser on Friday.

Johnson County Republicans charged MAGAts $100-$300 for tickets to the event, which featured washed-up rocker and child molester Ted Nugent, as well as the disgraced former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline.

“This booth was hosted by a Karate school to promote their self defense class,” Maria Holiday, the chairwoman of the Johnson County Republican Party explained.

Former head of the Kansas Republican Party Mike Kuckelman criticized the event and called for the resignations of the county’s chairwoman, as well as the current state Republican party chairman and election denier Mike Brown.

Brown said, “The event Friday had nothing to do with KSGOP.” 

Newsweek, Raw Story

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