Trumpy Lawyer Stefanie Lambert Arrested After Releasing Confidential Dominion E-Mails to Sheriff Dar Leaf

Trumpy Michigan lawyer Stefanie Lambert was arrested on a bench warrant following a hearing in Washington D.C. where she was representing Trumpy businessman Patrick Byrne, a former Overstock CEO who was being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems.

At the end of the hearing, all lawyers and observers left the courtroom and U.S. marshals entered. Lambert was not seen leaving the building. A U.S. Marshal’s spokesperson later confirmed the arrest.

A Michigan circuit court judge had issued a bench warrant over Lambert’s continued failure to appear for a hearing related to four felony counts she faces regarding illegal access to voting machines. Lambert had refused to submit fingerprints and DNA samples as required by law.

Instead, Lambert illegally provided 2,000 pages of confidentially protected e-mails of Dominion employees to Trumpy Constitutional Michigan Sheriff Dar Leaf, who has carried on an investigation of election tampering since 2020.

A new account on X with the handle @SheriffLeaf dumped links to the confidential e-mails on the social media account, aimed at Ohio man Jim Jordan, where it caught the attention of Russian asset Mike Flynn.

Lambert claims that she was “required” to provide the records to law enforcement.

The documents were under orders of Confidential Discovery Material, barring disclosure to anyone not involved in the Dominion/Byrne defamation case.

Lambert responded that she was under no obligation to adhere to the protective order because the emails contained “evidence of a crime,” suggesting the situation was analogous to being handed “a dead body” as part of the case discovery. Specifically, she alleged that they were proof that “Dominion conspired with foreign nationals in Serbia” to undermine the U.S. election system.


Sheriff Leaf was not indicted in Michigan, but charges were brought against Lambert, former state representative Daire Rendon, and former Michigan AG candidate Matt DePerno for potentially tampering with voting tabulators.

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