Satanic Temple Sues Tennessee Schools For Discrimination, Charging “Excessive” Rental Fees

DATELINE: MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Satanic Temple, the sponsor of the After School Satan Club (ASSC), filed to sue Memphis-Shelby County Schools (MSCS) on Tuesday, saying the school has been discriminating against the club and violating the First Amendment.

According to court records, the organization said the district is going against the First Amendment by charging the club with “unexpected and exorbitant security fees” that other similar organizations have not been charged and issuing higher club rental fees. 

The Satanic Temple also said MSCS is attempting to block ASSC meetings at Chimneyrock Elementary School and hindering the organization’s rights. The organization is now seeking fair treatment.

Last year, June Everett with the After School Satan Club said their goal is not to convert children to Satanism. Instead, she said they teach the student science, critical thinking, creative arts and good works for the community.    “We do a lot of community projects,” Everett said. “We do a lot of STEAM-type activities. Science based activities.” 

✱ STEAM =(science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) Woke stuff.

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“They’ve been charging us excess fees, they’ve been attempting to block us in every way possible, ignoring our emails, everything has been last minute. When it comes to approvals we don’t know what’s going on, we don’t know where we stand,” said June Everett, national campaign director for the Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Club.

The group alleges that at one point they were given a large special security fee of more than $2,000 for 10 additional security officers for four hours and another $250 for field lights. 

The group says the district does not have the same rules for other organizations like the Good News Club, a Christian group founded by Child Evangelism Fellowship.

June Everett said They are seeking an order of approval of their reservation requests by MSCS. They also want to reserve facilities in the district without discriminatory rental fees. “We are seeking nominal damages of $1. There’s a false rumor, false perception that the Satanic Temple goes around suing, looking for opportunities to sue for millions and millions of dollars. The Satanic Temple sues for equal access and equal rights.”


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of The Satanic Temple against the Shelby County Board of Education in Memphis, Tenn., over serious violations of the First Amendment.

The Satanic Temple does not worship or believe in the existence of Satan, FFRF’s legal complaint notes, instead regarding the literary figure as a representation of rejecting tyranny, championing the human mind and spirit, and seeking justice and egalitarianism for all. And The Satanic Temple promulgates the Seven Tenets, which promote rational and compassionate action. For example, the first tenet states: “One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.” 


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