Tennessee State Senate Passes Bill to Ban ‘Chemtrails’

Based on a belief an unfounded conspiracy theory that the federal government is intentionally and secretly adding toxic chemicals to the atmosphere from aircrafts, similar to contrails, the Tennessee Senate has passed a bill targeting “chemtrails.”

The bill claims it is “documented the federal government or other entities acting on the federal government’s behalf or at the federal government’s request may conduct geoengineering experiments by intentionally dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere, and those activities may occur within the State of Tennessee,” according to the bill.

The legislation would ban the practice in Tennessee.

According to a research group at Harvard University which focuses on climate science and technology, the reasoning behind the theory involves sterilization, reduction of life expectancy, mind control, and weather control.

The research group has debunked the theory, saying that there is no credible evidence for the existence of chemtrails. 

We’ve all seen those white streaks trailing behind jets, creating stripes against the blue sky.

The lines are called contrails, short for condensation trails, and they appear when water vapor condenses and freezes around the exhaust from an aircraft, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

At least that’s what science says. In recent years, a growing number of people believe that these contrails are actually chemtrails — a well-established conspiracy theory asserting that these trails aren’t made from condensation at all, but are instead chemicals being sprayed by the government.

Harvard University, David Keith’s Research Group:

There is No Evidence for the Existence of Chemtrails:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. The claim that there is a large-scale secret program to spray materials from aircraft is extraordinary. Yet all the evidence we have seen to date has been very weak. The most common claim is simply that aircraft contrails look “different”, without any comparative analysis. This as convincing as saying that alien beings walk among in disguise as people because some people act very strangely.

If there really were a large-scale program dumping material from aircraft at the scale described, there would have to be a large operating program to manufacture, load and disperse materials. If such a program existed at the scale required to explain the claimed amount of chemtrails, it would require thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of people. It would be extraordinarily hard to keep such a program secret because it would be so easy for a single individual in the program to reveal it using leaked documents, photographs or actual hardware.

Moreover, if such a program was intended to cause harm to their fellow citizens—as is alleged by people who believe in the chemtrails conspiracy—then people working in the program would have very strong personal motivations to reveal it.

We don’t trust that governments will always do the right thing, but we do trust the goodwill of individuals who take risks to blow the whistle, exposing government misdeeds.
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