Man Suspected of Ramming SUV into the FBI in Atlanta is a MAGAt and QAnon Lunatic

Authorities have identified the suspect who allegedly plowed his SUV into the FBI in Atlanta as MAGAt, Ervin Lee Bolling, a retired retired Navy serviceman from Greenville, South Carolina who has ties to the lunatics, QAnon. He was arrested after trying to enter the facility. A DeKalb County police spokesperson said Tuesday that officers have also secured warrants on state charges of interference with government property.

“He … tried getting into the gate, but our security precautions prevented him from getting in,”  FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Peter Ellis told reporters Monday afternoon.

Ervin Lee Bolling has a long social media history of spreading conspiracies about the 2020 election and the COVID-19 pandemic. Research conducted by the nonpartisan public-interest nonprofit Advance Democracy and shared exclusively with WIRED has found that accounts believed to be associated with Bolling shared numerous conspiracy theories on social media platforms, including X and Facebook.

And He Checks the Boxes:

  • “I’m awake. Just looking for a good militia to join.” A response to some rando on X in 2020.
  • “Release the Kraken.” Another post the MAGAt made after the 2020 election.
  • On what’s believed to be Bolling’s Facebook account, there were various posts related to anti-vaccine memes as well.”

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