Free Chat Friday, Week 14

Happy Friday News Viewers! Another bad news week with Gaza,, Taiwan and Syria garnering the worst of the worst awards. At least, so far. In all honesty, the constant chaos and the many dramatic adjectives used to describe that chaos is becoming well. . .. . .OLD NEWS.

“Oh, earth is being sucked into the latest black hole we’ve found right next door? How nice, dear, could you pass the salt?” The Middle East bombed itself to rubble, Haiti sank into the sea, Taiwan disappeared in a seismic event and whatever was left is behind a fog bank.” Ah, ok honey — think I’ll take a short nap –wake me when it’s over, would?”

Guess it’s all relative. It’s been an important week in the global news, but I’m told I need a new $6,500 furnace/AC unit and that fact won’t change, regardless of world events. And a rare eclipse is on its way, and who knows what the most recently discovered black hole will do; my bizarre family members are frankly more concerned about whether or not the meatballs will be so dry they ruin the eclipse party.

So welcome to free chat – anything goes within reason and civility– there is plenty of the dire to spread around, but there is even more thats NON-DIRE 🤩, you know, those topics which are just long lines of dry meatballs and overpriced furnaces.

Thank goodness for cartoons, they keep the issues laser focused, and chat away all, it’s great to have you here. BTW the montage at the bottom is a few items from April 2020 compared to 2024.

In Brief: A few examples of random pricing in 2020 vs now. These are random — to make it interesting, it should be comparing regions…..