Biden Campaign releases New “And God Made. . . ” Campaign Ad in Response to Trump’s Earlier Idolatry Ad

This ad, created by Joseph Gidjunis on behalf of the left-leaning Faith Forward, responds to the ‘God Made Trump’ video in a new 60-second spot. The announcer says ‘Thank God we chose a faithful president who doesn’t worship himself nor undermine the Constitution he swore to uphold.’ The ad is running in swing-states now. (YouTube)

Per YouTube:

Donald Trump has shared an eerie video on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in which he appears to proclaim himself God’s chosen emissary on earth, sent to deliver America back to prosperity. The three-minute clip, posted to Truth Social on Sunday evening, opens on grainy footage of an LP turning on a record player, broadcasting an apparently ancient “sermon” in which the speaker intones: “And on 14 June 1946, God looked down on his planned paradise and said: ‘I need a caretaker.’ So God gave us Trump…” What follows – set to a picture of the Republican tycoon as a toddler, followed by a montage of scenes from his presidency – is an extraordinary expression of Mr Trump’s Messiah Complex. ” A follower made this for Trump who posted it on Truth Social.