House GOP: The fight to expand the government’s warrantless surveillance of foreign targets

First Moses, then Big Brother, what’s next for Mike Johnson?

Politico reports on yet another battle taking place among House GOP members — this time over the attempt to actually legislate (in other words, do their jobs). They are going over the reapproval of the act which allows members of our intelligence community to collect and search through communications of foreign targets, all without a warrant.

The act is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Section 702, which is causing a the continuation of the House GOP chaotic divisiveness. Discussions were always going to be difficult given the sour relationship between some Republicans and the FBI. “But that skepticism, which dates back to the FBI’s initial investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, is only the start of the party’s problems on surveillance policy, according to interviews with nearly 20 GOP aides and lawmakers.” according to Politico.

“Broadly speaking, Intelligence panel members view the Judiciary panel’s plan as a de facto gutting of the spy power that would undermine national security, and Judiciary panel members view the Intelligence panel’s plan as lacking in safeguards to protect Americans’ civil liberties after a series of FBI missteps.”