After Sparring With Nicolle Wallace, John Bolton Says He Will Write In Dick Cheney

Former Trump advisor John Bolton sparred with Nicolle Wallace for around 20 minutes on Wednesday, talking about the threat of a second Trump presidency.

Bolton said that while Trump tried to disrupt the country’s institutions, he didn’t ruin or undo them.

“I think the damage he did in his first term is largely reparable,” he said. “I’m worried the damage he’ll do in his second term may be irreparable. Once you start down the slide of the abuse of power that Trump is engaged in, it’s only a matter of time before Democratic presidents do the same thing.”

“I do not believe that Trump represents an existential threat to democracy,” Bolton told her. “And I think that probably puts me at a minority on this network.”

Bolton appeared later on CNN where he was interviewed by Kaitlan Collins, where he revealed his intentions for his 2024 vote.

Bolton said that age is no longer a factor in politics, and Cheney, 83, would be better than either Trump or Biden.

Below is more of the Nicolle Wallace interview, where there is a price for hearing the warmonger Bolton bash Trump.

The Hill