Tennessee’s Solution to School Shootings: Arm the Teachers

Since the deadly shooting at a private Christian elementary school last year in Nashville, TN GQP state senators want to prevent the next one by arming some teachers.

The proposal cleared the GOP-controlled chamber amid emotional chants and screams from protesters against the legislation. Many were eventually ordered to leave the Senate galleries.

After receiving a 26-5 Senate vote, the proposal is now ready for a House floor vote. The bill would bar disclosing which employees are carrying guns beyond school administrators and police, including to parents of students and even other teachers. A principal, school district and law enforcement agency would have to agree to let staff carry guns.

“I’m upset. My child is at risk under this bill,” said Democratic state Sen. London Lamar, holding her 8-month-old son. “This bill is dangerous and teachers don’t want it. Nobody wants it.”
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