The Big Lie 2.0: Moses MAGAt Mike and the Orange Ass’ Election Integrity Propaganda

In an effort to save his job and ass, Speaker of the House, Moses MAGAt Mike Johnson, traveled to Mar a Largo and met up with the criminally indicted, adjudicated rapist/sexual assaulter, fraudster, false prophet, and former (p)resident, Donald Trump. Together, the two held a press conference that focused largely on election integrity.

Of course they found a solution to a non-existent problem and promoted the idea that every person registering to vote in a federal election must prove they are an American citizen since “you know it, they know it, everyone knows it” that hundreds, maybe even thousands or millions of undocumented immigrants vote in our elections. What else could’ve given President Biden a big win in 2020? 🙄 I mean, afterall, ‘Sleepy Joe’ stayed in his basement and didn’t hold any ‘bigly rallies,’ right?

From the MarKODA Files:

Fact Check the MAGAts:

  • Claim: “If an individual only asserts or simply states that they are a citizen, they don’t have to prove it, and they can register that person to vote in a federal election,” Johnson said, adding that “we only want US citizens to vote in US elections.”
  • Fact: Some municipalities (NOT FEDERAL) allow non-citizens to vote but…on a federal level:
    • The system, as it is currently set up, is working, and effectively prevents mass voting by non-citizens in US elections. Despite Johnson’s focus on this topic, it is extremely rare, according to decades of voting data and nonpartisan experts. It’s so uncommon that voting experts don’t see it as a problem plaguing US elections.
    • In federal and state elections, where voting by non-citizens is illegal, it occurs on a microscopic level.
  • Claim: To gin-up his racist base’s hate, TFG claimed “millions and millions” of people, including terrorists and people from jails and mental institutions have come illegally to the United States from countries like Venezuela and “the Congo.”
  • Fact: There is no evidence for Trump’s repeated claims that any coutries, much less “the Congo” and Venezuela, have emptied prisons and mental health institutions to allow violent criminals to come to the US border as migrants.
    • Last year, Trump’s campaign was unable to provide any evidence for his narrower claim at the time that South American countries were emptying mental health facilities to somehow dump patients upon the US.

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