US tells Israel it won’t join counter-strike on Iran, urges caution

Politico is reporting that President Biden has met with Israel’s Netanyahu to let him know the US will not participate in an escalation between Israel and Iran.

“The Biden administration is trying to defuse an armed confrontation that could drag the Middle East, as well as America, into a full-blown war. But it was not immediately clear if Netanyahu, who has long viewed Tehran as an Israeli archenemy that must be dealt with harshly, would listen given political pressures at home.”

MSNBC is reporting the exchange last night was “a success” in that most of Iran’s drones were intercepted and no one was killed; the US assisted as did several other countries in the region; no Holy Sites in Jerusalem were damaged. John Kirby, Communications Director for the State Department, noted that Israel got the message from the US that “we’ve got your back, and you are not alone,