The Clown House Just Cannot Resist Chaos: Rep. Thomas Massie (Idiot-KY) Calls for MAGAt Moses Mike Johnson to Resign

First it was MT-G who filed a Motion to Vacate to oust Johnson as Speaker of the House, now Rep. Thomas wants MAGAt Moses Mike to resign.

Putin’s Puppets want NO aid going to Ukraine:

In a closed door meeting today with the Republican conference, Speaker Johnson attempted to explain his most recent convoluted strategy to mollify MAGA Representatives by breaking up the foreign aid package into separate components. This is designed to placate most Members who support aid to Israel but oppose aid to Ukraine. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene got up and spoke in strong opposition to the plan, knowing that will result in Ukraine aid passing. Greene has previously filed a Motion to Vacate Johnson from his Speakership, but has not yet called for a vote. She has certainly sent strong signals that she is going to do so if Ukraine aid passes.

Massie was reportedly booed after his announcement, but it doesn’t matter what most Republican Representatives think about this since it only takes a few to topple Johnson if Democrats join them on the motion.

MAGAt Moses Mike Responded:

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