Breaking Wind News: Not Only Does TFG Fall Asleep in Court, He Also Farts Up the Joint

Let me begin this thread by stating, we have no actual evidence that TFG farted while in court; we only have sources who claim he did. Based on his shitty diet, lack of manners and social graces, plus the fact he’s a disgusting pig (no disrespect to pigs), it would not shock me if this latest claim about TFG’s behavior in court is true. However, Snopes has rated the claim, unproven. But that can’t stop us from having a bit of fun with it.

Odor in the Court!: Trump Reportedly Passed Gas During Criminal Trial

Something is rotten in the state of New York

"Donald Trump is actually farting in the courtroom and that it's very stinky around him," MeidasTouch co-founder Ben Meiseles reported Friday. "It's a putrid odor in the courtroom and Trump's lawyers are repulsed by the scent and the smell."  

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