Free Chat Friday, Week 16

Happy Friday News Viewers, on this the 19th day of April, coming to you from our nation’s capital—-a strange, strange non-state of the union that enshrines the notion of this particular union of states. It’s the center of three working branches of government where no work gets done; it’s office central for our elected officials who aren’t spending much time in those offices.

Never fear, though, we see enough of them on media sound stages holding mics and making pronouncements. This capital, Washington DC, is where we made plans generations ago to accomplish and to solve. . . .OH WELL… So far, the solution of the day appears to be “retaliation” a never ending and self sustaining means to no end except. . . . more retaliation…..

Welcome to our Free Chat for Friday where I notice (as I visit the family in DC) less being done on The Hill means more that needs to be done by everyone else, everywhere else, in our personal and family worlds, in our larger communities, states, the nation, globe, the Milky Way. On our way to November and the elections, let’s talk about that work we have to do, the solutions, ideas, mistakes and eye-rolls. What’s going on with you? Let’s chat about it, anything goes within the bounds of civility. . . . .Whatcha got?