Biden Gets Endorsement of Building Trades Union

President Biden got another union endorsement from the organization representing American construction workers, lining up behind Union Joe and calling Donald Trump a dangerous threat to the nation.

North America’s Building Trade Union President Sean McGarvey said Biden created “the biggest infrastructure boom this country has ever seen,” calling him “the most pro-union … pro-worker president that this country has ever seen… we see the results.”

McGarvey said they do not plan to invest time in convincing Trump supporters to vote for Biden. They’re a lost cause, he said.

"What matter is the 15% of people that are persuadable, that are open to hearing the facts and making up their own mind," he told MSNBC. "A lot of our members are patriots and they do not like the way that this ex-president is talking about what he's going to do if he's elected to another term."

Everyone should see the ad the NABTU’s ad they put out endorsing President Biden.

Biden welcomed the endorsement during a legislative conference in Washington.