Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she will force a vote to oust Speaker Mike Johnson next week

Democrats have pledged to vote to kill Greene’s motion to vacate and save the GOP speaker’s job after he pushed through a $95 billion package with aid for Ukraine.

NBC reports Taylor-Greene saying, “. . . .next week, I am going to be calling this motion to vacate. Absolutely calling it,” Greene said at a news conference outside of the Capitol. “I can’t wait to see Democrats go out and support a Republican speaker and have to go home to their primaries and have to run for Congress again.”

Wearing a red “MAGA” hat, Greene accused Johnson of betraying the GOP and going against conservative wishes on government funding bills, passing Ukraine aid and reauthorizing the FISA surveillance program without new warrant requirements, among other issues.

NBC; “Greene has been threatening to move against the speaker for months, warning him not to pass emergency foreign aid for Ukraine while thousands of migrants cross the southern border. But last month, Johnson, after negotiating with the White House, pushed through a $95 billion national security package that included aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

“Now we have Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats coming out, embracing Mike Johnson with a warm hug and a big wet sloppy kiss. And they are ready — they have endorsed him, they are ready to support him as speaker,” Greene said. “They want to keep it going, keep the band together. Why? Because Mike Johnson is giving them everything they want.”

Asked by NBC News who she has in mind to replace Johnson as speaker, Greene replied: “I’m not naming names but I think we have people that are capable. . . . Anybody that’s willing to fight for our agenda. Anyone that refuses to share the power with Hakeem Jeffries,” she said. (more)