Nickname “VonShitzenpants” Gets Entered Into Official Court Record

During Thursday’s hearing in Judge Merchan’s courtroom, four new violations of Donald Trump’s gag order were discussed.

The first was when Trump left court after the last hearing on the gag order and attacked Michael Cohen. The second is when he gave an interview where he claimed that the jury was 95% Democrats. The third was when he again attacked Cohen in an interview with a local TV station in Pennsylvania. The fourth was when he praised David Pecker in the middle of his testimony.

Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche argued that Trump’s statements were political in nature. He said that there have been “multiple and repeated attacks” against him from Cohen and he has a right to respond. 

Blanche complained about several of Cohen's social media posts about Trump, including one where he said that he wouldn't put any money in his prison commissary and one where he referred to Trump as "Vonshitzenpants," which resulted in laughter from the audience in the courtroom. 

Social media did its thing, and still Trump has not denied the source of the courtroom stench.

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