Indicted Ex-President Defends Indicted Rep. Henry Cuellar

Republicans are looking to cast the indictment of Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar as the next George Santos moment, wringing their hands to expel a Democrat from the House of Representatives, skating on a thin Republican majority.

The $600,000 bribery scheme that Cuellar and his wife Imelda are accused of is bad, but on a different level of deceptive lies and grifts from New York’s former congressman.

Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has defended Cuellar’s presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

And as expected, a National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson suggests “hypocrisy” as they compiled a list of Democrats who called for the removal of Santos.

Sure, Republicans are very concerned about a House member facing 14 counts, but what about the presumptive GOP presidential nominee facing 88 charges in four jurisdictions?

Enter the 88 times indicted ex- President Donald Trump, who posted to Truth Social his defense of a Democrat.

The big question of the moment is whether someone moves to force a vote on Cuellar’s expulsion. In Santos’ case, it was fellow New York Republicans who led the charge last fall. But where Santos was a freshman and widely despised inside the House GOP, Cuellar is a veteran member well liked both inside the Democratic caucus and across the aisle.

So far only one Democrat, a retiring congressman and failed Presidential candidate — Dean Phillips!!has called for Cuellar to step down.

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