Free Chat Friday, Week 19

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and for the record, Kentucky is afflicted with tornadoes but has not, sadly, blown away. At least we have Internet again and at least we managed a great Kentucky Derby. With all that’s happening — wars, disease, famine, a presidential trial, the disappearance of Mt. Fuji and the fading away of that most bizarre of shows, the “beauty pageant, we still have three of the greats on tap that may just help us survive as a nation. . . .the photo finish, the end of Trump and best of all, the vote. We still have the vote.

Welcome to our Free chat—–we have easy rules—- respect for truth, NO unsolicited medical “advice” no harming of dogs and other family pets and of course, citations of facts and quotes (otherwise we think fake news…..) Sooooooo, whatcha got?