Kristi Noem Goes to Club 47 to Defend Book

Puppy-killing South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem sought out friendlier territory in MAGA-land on Monday, hoping to get back on track to becoming a viable VP candidate for King of MAGA Donald Trump.

Noem spoke before Club 47, a Donald Trump fan club, at a Hilton approximately 2.5 miles from Mar-a-Lago.

In the audience were Cory Lewandowski, and a dog, brought by another MAGA fan.

Nearly every seat was filled with MAGAts who laughed at her jokes, clapped at her bravado and often murmured in agreement. The venue held approximately 1,000 people, according to the Club 47 president.

In order to remind Club 47 MAGAts of her #winning policies, she highlighted her Covid-19 “response,” restricting transgender participation in sports, and sending the state’s National Guard to the southern border.

She took digs at other VP candidates, especially those who had run against Trump in the primary, who, according to Noem, “thought they’d do a better job.”

Noem is now considered “unlikely” to be Trump’s VP pick, but appeared to still have supporters at the event.

  • Debra Tomarin of Palm Beach, the woman who brought her dog, said she preferred Tim Scott. “I made sure the dog was visible,” she said of her decision to sit near the front of the stage, but thought “most people that are animal lovers wouldn’t vote for her. … Some things you just don’t put in a book.” Debra really liked how Noem left her state open during Covid.
  • Gina (first name only) brushed off the puppy killing, saying that’s what ranchers do.
  • Mary (also first name only) said she’s been to every Club 47 event since its founding, and showed off a photo she had taken with Noem, “a real MAGA,” at the engagement. “She was honest,” Mary said. “She didn’t try to hide it.”

In her own words, this is the notorious, ruthless killing Noem performed and later described as a “hard decision.”

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