It’s Caturday: Why is my cat head butting me? Hard?

Huffington Post gives us a little TMI: “The act, sometimes known as bunting, is a way that cats can mark their scent on you ― and it’s a stronger marker of belonging and claiming than urine, Vet Organics says. They have scent glands in their cheeks and head which allows them to create a group scent when they headbutt and rub against each other,” Blue Cross shared.  Bunting can take the form of conventional nuzzling or full-on, skull-first headbutting, but it all means the same thing ― “when they headbutt you, they are essentially seeing you as one of their family and are trying to mingle their smell with yours. In cat language, that’s love,” Blue Cross added.

It’s a sweet act, but you might be unsure how to react ― the owner of one particularly rambunctious cat shared on Reddit that “He’s actually sent cups and pencils and books flying out my hands entirely because he’s so aggressive about it. If you’re unsure as to what to do when this happens, Vet Organics says that receiving the headbutt enthusiastically is important, once you’re comfortable, you could try reciprocating (yes, really)…. (HuffPo)

Next question? Why ISN’T my cat head butting me? Hmmmmm…. Maybe yours is not the only head on the planet, maybe it’s not all about you, Tiny Human. . . . 🙂