Va. Gov. Youngkin Goes on a Veto Spree; Protects Tax Loopholes for Confederate Groups While Vetoes Bills on Birth Control

By trying to keep up with all the extremists and Fundie Freaks who dominate and control today’s GQP, Virginia Gov. Younkin vetoed legislation which “stated that health care providers have the right to prescribe contraceptives, and individuals have the right to obtain and use them. It did not pertain to abortion and defined contraceptives as any drug or device legally marketed and intended for use in the ‘prevention of pregnancy.’ It created a right to file a lawsuit over violations and did not have a fiscal impact on the state.”

Although Younkin claims he supports access to birth control, he also claims he must protect ‘the religious freedoms of Virginians’ (Read: Fundie Freaks and other religious zealots).

“By vetoing our legislation, Governor Youngkin is now on the record agreeing with the extremists in his party — including Donald Trump — who conflate contraception with abortion,” state Sen. Ghazala F. Hashmi (D-Chesterfield) and Del. Marcia S. “Cia” Price (D-Newport News) said in a written statement about a pair of identical bills they sponsored, which would have put a right to obtain and use contraception into Virginia law.


The Republican governor who is known for wearing a stupid, ridiculous vest also went further down the culture wars’ rabbit hole and vetoed “identical bills — HB568 and SB517 — that would have eliminated state tax loopholes for the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Confederate Memorial Literary Society and the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Inc.

The groups are exempt from state recordation taxes and real and personal property taxes, an issue brought to the General Assembly by a Virginia Beach high school student after her lawyer father discovered the loophole in an obscure part of state law.”

In total, “Youngkin signed seven and vetoed 48, taking his veto total for the year to 201 — more than the 120 that the previous record-holder, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, issued over four years as governor.”

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